Clinical Practice 2 (CSCD5031)


Students attend external speech pathology clinics to consolidate their client skills in areas required for competency as an intermediate level speech pathology student.

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Clinical placement block mode or weekly for 2x16 day off-campus placements depending on availability. Days of attendance at the placement site are organised by the university. Students are expected to undertake all components of this unit of study to their completion and in their entirety. Students are supported with information in off-campus orientation/briefing sessions (barrier) during the semester prior to their attendance at their placements. This is supplemented with an off-campus handbook which is available on the speech pathology professional placement elearning site. Students are also required to participate in scheduled orientation activities at the placement site.


Clinical competency assessment at mid and end semester for each placement (100%); 0% barrier tasks - attend all orientation sessions and clinical meetings; and completion of other paperwork requirements.


There are no textbooks for this unit. You need to refer to the following documents:
COMPASS Competency Assessment in Speech Pathology: Assessment Resource Manual (2013)
Competency Based Occupational Standards (CBOS) for Speech Pathologists: Entry Level (2011)
Off-Campus Placement Handbook (available on the Learning Management System (LMS))
Academic lecture materials relevant to the caseload(s
NB: This unit is a prerequisite for CSCD5032, CSCD5033, CSCD5053 and CSCD5054.

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CSCD5023 and CSCD5024 and CSCD5025 and CSCD5026 and CSCD5027

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