Sustainable Architectural Practice (DAAE3001)


The unit of study begins by exploring the concept of ecologically sustainable design as it applies to architectural practice and defines those key attributes of buildings which make them sustainable. The second part of the unit discusses the implication of applying sustainable design principles upon contemporary architectural practice. Potential new design paradigms are explored which could lead to more sustainable design practice in the future. At the end of the unit of study students will be expected to: have explored the form making and space making potential of sustainable design principles by critically examining relevant contemporary architecture; demonstrate their ability to locate relevant published literature on sustainable architecture and to critically examine and discuss it in relation to the themes explored in the unit of study; demonstrate their ability to critique key recent buildings claimed by their designers to be sustainable and to evaluate these claims against established sustainable design principles; enunciate a personal position on the impact on applying sustainable design principles on future design practice. On the successful completion of this unit of study students will have demonstrated: competence at critically evaluating buildings which their designers have claimed to be sustainable through a series of case studies performed in small groups; their ability to formulate and articulate a written response to a series of propositions developed in lectures addressing the impact of sustainability issues on future architectural practice.
This unit is an Architecture Elective in the Bachelor of Design in Architecture and elective in other courses.

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Lectures 2 hrs/wk lectures, tutorial/lab 1 hr/wk for weeks 1 to 12


Case Study (20%), Design Exercise (80%)

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DESA2111 or BDES1023 or DESA1102 or (DAAE1001 and DESA3011) or (DAAE2002 and DESP1001)


DESA2201 or DESA2202 or DESA2207

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