3D Modelling and Fabrication (DECO1008)


This teaches students an understanding of the basic concepts of modelling and presentation. Students will develop skills in creating and using 3D models for various design tasks. The unit further introduces students to rapid prototyping fabrication techniques, such as 3D printing and laser cutting with the aim to understand how to prepare a digital representation for physical fabrication. Students will learn how physical objects are represented in 3D digital models by modelling various 3D geometric entities, and how to create photorealistic images that accurately and efficiently describe intent, structure, geometric and surface variations of 3D models. Key concepts covered in this unit include: boundary representations, solid and parametric modelling, texture mapping, light sources, camera locations and projections. This unit is core in the Bachelor of Design Computing.

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Lecture 1 hr/wk; tutorial 2 hrs/wk


Tutorial Activities and Participation (20%); 2D Design Concepts (10%); 3D Model and Fabrication (40%); Packaging Proposal (30%)

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This unit is for students enrolled in the Bachelor of Design Computing only. Students enrolled in other programs should enrol in DECO2103.

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