Design Programming (DECO1012)


This unit teaches students an understanding of the stages involved in the creative development of software; and skills in the design and implementation of software for creative expression and prototyping. It introduces students to software tools for building interactive, visual design applications through programming assignments; knowledge of object-oriented programming concepts; implementation techniques such as editing, using assets, and runtime environments; and knowledge of the Processing programming language. Key concepts covered in this unit include: classes, methods, object creation, instance and local variables, primitive and object types, simple I/O. Students learn knowledge of software design and development processes including analysis of requirements, design of data-structures, functions and classes, debugging, and managing software projects. This unit is a core unit in the Bachelor of Design Computing program, Bachelor of Architecture and Environments and can be taken as elective by students enrolled in other programs.

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Lecture 1hr/wk, tutorial 2hrs/wk


Programming Assignments (90%), Participation (10%)

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DECO2011 or SOFT1001

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