Design Computing Research Opportunity (DECO3003)


The aim of the Design Computing Research Opportunity is to allow a student to participate in each phase of research activity: developing a research plan in conjunction with the staff member; proposal writing; conducting research; analysing data; and presenting results in oral and written form. At the end of the unit the student will have experience in developing research proposals, conducting research and presenting their results. Design Computing Research Opportunity offers the opportunity for a Bachelor of Design Computing student to work with an academic staff member on research-based intellectual collaborations. The student works on an existing research activity of the staff member. It can be one of the most important means for students to develop an understanding of research as an intellectual endeavour and to foster mentoring research relationships with academic staff.
The research proposal, which is the first progress report, will demonstrate the student's ability to work within an existing research. The second progress report will identify the student's capacity to work on a research project within an existing research program and becomes a demonstration of the research skills being developed. The final report will take the form of a research paper and is used to develop the student's skills in presenting research results.

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Lecture 1 hr/wk and tutorial 2 hrs/wk, commencing week 2


Two progress reports (2 x 15%); final report (70%)

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96 credit points and minimum WAM of 65.

Assumed knowledge

Computer programming.

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