Advanced Interaction Design (DECO3005)


The objectives of the unit are to extend interaction design fundamentals learned in Interaction Design Studio (DECO2200) or Interactive Multimedia Design (DECO2102), by exploring advanced interaction frameworks, concepts, design issues and challenges. Depending on the specific focus of the unit, students will learn about methodologies and technologies for advanced interface design, from the small-scale such as wearables and mobile to the large-scale such as urban screens and interventions. The major assessment is a group design project, following a user-centred design process. Design concepts will be explored and tested through a range of prototyping methods and tools. Programming tools learned in previous units, such as HTML, Javascript, and Processing, may be used for creating interactive prototypes combined with new skills required for applying technologies related to the brief. At the conclusion of the unit students should have a well-developed understanding of interaction design demonstrated through the design, prototyping and evaluation of an interactive product: and an understanding of aesthetic design and usability principles applied to interface design for the project context.

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Lecture 1 hr/wk, Tutorial 2hrs/wk


Design project (90%); participation (10%)

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DECO2200 or DECO2102



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