Dental Health Services (DENT5014)


To provide students with sufficient background and appreciation of the role and scope of dental health services within health care and to provide them with the opportunity to develop skills and acquire essential knowledge in this field for the effective practice of population oral health. The following topics will be covered: dental services in the twenty first century; the primary health care approach; assessment of the role of Western Dentistry (the limits of conventional dentistry); the limitations of a "high-risk" approach for the prevention of dental caries; the common risk factor approach: a rational basis for promoting oral health and strategies for developing oral health care programs in deprived communities; priorities in oral health care services; review of the Save our Kids Smiles program in New South Wales; the prevention of social inequalities in oral health; adult access to dental care in Australia; and ethnic indicators of dental health schoolchildren resident in areas of multiple deprivation. On the completion of this unit of study, students will be able to: understand the principles governing primary health care; understand the principles governing the delivery and management of dental services; and develop resources and implement and manage appropriate dental services for populations.

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30hrs consisting of 10x(1hr lecture/seminar and 2hr tutorial)


individual written assignments (70%), tutorial discussion and group-work participation (30%)


Pine CM (Editor). Community oral health. Oxford: Wright, 1997.
Murray JJ, Nunn JH, Steele JG (Editors). Prevention of oral disease, 4th edition. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2003.

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PUBH5018 and (PUBH5010 or CEPI5100)

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