Population Oral Health (DENT5015)


To provide students with sufficient background and appreciation of the importance of population oral health and to provide them with the opportunity to develop skills and acquire essential knowledge in this field for the effective practice of population oral health. This unit focuses on the determinants of oral health and the importance of upstream measures to attack the root cause of oral diseases and the planning, implementing and evaluating of these approaches. The following topics will be covered: principles of population health approach, planning and policy framework for population oral health, the changing profile oral health and patterns of oral health care; water fluoridation (including legislation, benefits/risks, the politics of fluoridation, the arguments for and against water fluoridation, how to respond to antifluoridationists; how to promote and extend water fluoridation,), overview of policies and initiatives regarding dental services - the example of New South Wales; and oral health workforce and emerging workforce issues. On the completion of this unit of study students should be able to demonstrate ability to design/develop, implement and evaluate population based oral health programs to improve overall oral health and reduce inequalities in oral health.

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30hrs consisting of 10x(1hr lecture/seminar and 2hr tutorial)


individual written assignments (80%), tutorial discussion and group-work participation (20%)


Recommended Reading: Rose G. The strategy of preventive medicine. Oxford, England: Oxford University Press, 1992; World Health Organisation. Global Strategy for the Prevention and Control of Non-Communicable Diseases. Geneva: WH0, 2000; Wilkinson R, Marmo

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Prerequisites and assumed knowledge

PUBH5010 or SUST5004

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