Preventive Dentistry 1 (DENT5033)


The aim of this course is to provide students with an understanding of the factors that place an individual at risk of developing dental disease. They should learn the pathogenesis and theories of caries formation. The development of the oral microflora and microbiology of plaque and the role of intra and extra-cellular polysaccharides. They should learn to assess caries risk factors and how they relate to oral hygiene and diet. Have knowledge on how to prevent and control caries with fluorides, remineralising and antimicrobial agents, sealants and minimal intervention dentistry. Develop an understanding of the pathogenesis, diagnosis and management of periodontal diseases, to identify risk factors and understand the different manifestations and development of periodontal diseases in children and adults. Learn about the role of diet and nutrition in health and disease, with particular emphasis on disease heart disease, diabetes and obesity.

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clinical prac 24hr/wk, 4x3 hr tut


clinical prac (25%), tutorials (25%),1x3hr written exam (25%), 1xviva (25%)


Handbook of Pediatric Dentistry, Cameron and Widmer, 3rd

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