Paediatric Medicine and Surgery (DENT5044)


This course aims to give Trainees a broad understanding and knowledge of all aspects of paediatric disease and care and to understand the operation of hospitals and protocols. It covers the management of children in hospital, including surgical problems encountered in the child patient. It also covers all aspects of general paediatrics. This course encompasses attendance at Paediatric Grand Rounds at the Children's Hospital Westmead and the Diploma of Child Health. Trainees should gain a general knowledge of common paediatrics and develop a much better understanding of many aspects involved in the care of children. Trainees must learn to be proficient at and have a thorough knowledge of hospital protocols in relation to admitted and non-admitted patients, referral procedures and operation of theatres and outpatient clinics.

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clinical prac 24hr/wk, 4x3 hr tut


clinical prac (25%), tutorials (25%), 1x3 hr written exam (25%), 1xviva (25%)


Handbook of Pediatric Dentistry, Cameron and Widmer, 3rd Edition

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