Internal and General Medicine 2A (DENT5208)


Candidates rotate through various medical speciality clinics including: Head and Neck Radiation Oncology, Haematology (with emphasis on the care of patients undergoing haematopoietic stem cell transplants), Dermatology, Immunology and Radiology/Nuclear Medicine.

An emphasis is placed on understanding and application of principles of pharmacology.

Attendance at the FRACP trainee physician's lecture series held weekly in two blocks of six months over two years covers the spectrum of topics relevant to internal medicine. The lecture series covers the spectrum of internal medicine including the aetiology, pathogenesis, diagnosis, management, prevention and epidemiology of disease. The series covers the main areas of immunology, molecular biology and genetics, endocrinology, neurology, renal medicine, gastroenterology and hepatology, rheumatology, pharmacology, haematology, infectious diseases, respiratory medicine, cardiology, oncology, social and community medicine.

Candidates also attend the Medical Grand Rounds at Westmead Hospital.

Attendance at the Basic Science in Oncology Course run by the Cancer Institute of NSW runs monthly over two semesters.

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medical rotations x3hrs, medical grand rounds x 1 hr, basic physicians training course x 3 hrs (per week)
basic sciences in oncology course x 6 hrs (per month)


continuous clinical assessment (50%); viva voce (50%)

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(DENT6010 and DENT5203 and DENT5204 and DENT5205) or DENT6127


DENT6011 and DENT5206 and DENT5207

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