Oral Pathology 3B (DENT5216)


The oral pathology component continues to build on the foundations previously established with in depth investigation of biological and genetic factors underpinning the different disease entities. The course further extends exposure to the specialised disciplines of cytopathology and immunopathology and their clinical applications. Weekly departmental review of the current histopathology cases, particularly biopsies of patients undertaken or seen in the Oral Medicine clinics, or Head and Neck oncology clinics.

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Oral pathology conference (slide review and journal club) x 2 hrs
seminars x 1 hr, diagnostic oral pathology x 1 hr (per week)


oral presentations (20%), 1x3hr written exam (40%), 1x1hr practical exam (20%), viva voce (20%)


Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology, 2nd Ed, BW Neville, DD Damm. CA Allen. JE Bouquot.
Lucas's Pathology of Tumours of the Oral Tissues, RA Cawson, WH Binnie, PM Speight, AW Barrett, JM Wright
Oral Pathology Clinical Pathologic Correlations, JA Regezi, JJ Sciubba, RCK Jordan

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(DENT6013 and DENT5212 and DENT5213 and DENT5214) or DENT6130


DENT6014 and DENT5215 and DENT5217

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