Dental Research Studies 1 (DENT6010)


This unit provides the introduction to a research project, including the development of a research proposal and literature review. The treatise is a formal piece of writing relevant to the subject area of the masters degree. Candidates will work on a specified research project under appropriate supervision. At least one of the project supervisors must be an academic staff member of the University. The treatise or written work is in 5 parts all of which will be completed in a minimum of three years of full time study.

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Weekly attendance in research seminars (70% attendance required) and 2hr research sessions.


Candidates will be required to submit a treatise or written work in the form of a paper dealing with research on a specific topic. It should be the equivalent of one paper which would be acceptable for publication in a peer reviewed scientific, academic o

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Prerequisites and assumed knowledge

DENT6000 or DENT6126 or DENT6226 or DENT6276 or DENT6326 or DENT6382

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