Dento-alveolar Surgery 2 (DENT6214)


The particular clinical skills relate to the examination and investigation of common oral-facial clinical problems - elective and emergency,construction of an appropriate management plan for common Oral Surgery patients. Undertake specialist examination techniques applicable to Oral surgery conditions, including endoscopic techniques, and apply as well as evaluate the results of head and neck imaging techniques. Core areas relate to: treatment of intra-oral benign and cystic lesionsof hard and soft tissues; management of benign salivary gland disease by intra-oral techniques and familiarity with the diagnosis and treatment of other salivary gland diseases; insertion of osseointegrated dental implants including bone augmentation and soft tissue management; management of adults and children as in-patients, including medicallyat-risk patients.

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1x1hr lect and 1x1hr tut and 3hr clinical sessions


Clinical assessment (50%), Assignment (50%)


Alling, CC, JF Helfrick, and RD Alling. Impacted Teeth. Philadelphia: WB Saunders Co, 1993.

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DENT5204 and DENT6212 and DENT6213 and DENT6010


DENT5207 and DENT6218 and DENT6011

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