Research in Arch. and Design Science (DESC9300)


This unit aims to prepare students for undertaking a research project in the various sub-disciplines of Architectural and Design Science. It begins with the workshop-based presentation of foundations of experimental science relevant to research projects within these sub-disciplines. It highlights principles of experimental design and methods of data collection and analysis. Examples of previous projects undertaken by graduate students in Design Science will be presented, as appropriate, in any of the following areas: Audio and Acoustics, Building Services, Facilities Management, Illumination Design and Sustainable Design). Although this unit has a focused pedagogy intended for all graduate students in Design Science, enrollment may be expected by other coursework students within the Faculty of Architecture, Design and Planning, such as those undertaking the Master of Interaction Design and Electronic Arts (M.IDEA).

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5 workshop sessions (1 hr/wk for first five weeks) followed by individual student supervision by an appropriate staff member, and returning for the final oral report (in-class presentation) in Week 13 of the semester.


Individual project based: 1 x 1500wd research proposal (30%); 1 x 3500wd final written report (50%); 1 x final oral report (20%)

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