Planning for the Public Domain (DESP2001)


Students will be able to: undertake background studies to inform designing for various elements of the public domain (streets and roads, open space and public places, car parking, pedestrian networks and centres); formulate and respond to complex planning problems; prepare and present simple proposals; use basic terms, concepts and methods in practical urban design and planning situations. On successful completion of this unit, each student will be able to demonstrate their ability to: to prepare short documents, using photos, maps, drawings and other illustrations, with annotated comments and supporting text, to present planning studies and proposals; to use basic ideas (such as: vistas, viewing and over-viewing, connectivity, legibility, enclosure, uses, activities, environs, links, built form, interest, amenity networks, nodes) in reviewing design situations and preparing site analyses and proposals; to apply a critical and reflective approach in understanding planning and design situations, and in preparing informative documents which move from planning studies to proposals with supporting arguments; to be able to prepare proposals for built form outcomes and related planning instruments, with supporting studies and arguments.

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Lectures 2 hrs/wk


workbook presenting studies, reviewing materials, envisaging work to be done, demonstrating critical thinking, and presenting proposals (100%)

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DESP2201 or DESP2203

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