Introduction to Econometrics (ECMT1020)


This unit is intended to be an introduction to the classical linear regression model (CLRM), the underlying assumptions, and the problem of estimation. Further, we consider hypothesis testing, and interval estimation, and regressions with dummy variables and limited dependent variable models. Finally, we consider different functional forms of the regression model and the problem of heteroskedasticity. Throughout we will try to emphasise the essential interplay between econometric theory and economic applications.

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1x2hr lecture/week, 1x2hr workshop/week


3x quizzes (25%), workshop questions/homework (10%), assignment (15%) and 1x2hr Final exam (50%)

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ECMT1010 or ECOF1010 or BUSS1020 or MATH1905 or MATH1005 or MATH1015


ECMT1001 or ECMT1002 or ECMT1003 or ECMT1021 or ECMT1022 or ECMT1023

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Other than in exceptional circumstances, it is strongly recommended that students do not undertake Introduction to Econometrics before attempting Introduction to Economic Statistics.

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