Economics Honours A (ECON4101)


The Honours program in Economics consists of: 1. a thesis written under the supervision of one, or more, members of academic staff 2. five semester-length coursework options that each meet once a week for two hours. Students would usually take three coursework options in their first semester, and two in their second semester. Each coursework option requires 4000wd of written work or its equivalent, including mid-semester test, final exam and other assessments 3. a (non assessed) thesis seminar, which meets every two weeks in both semesters.

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1x15000wd (max.) thesis (30%) and 5x4500wd of written work, or its equivalent (70%)

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Prerequisites and assumed knowledge

The prerequisite for entry to Economics Honours is at least 24 credit points at 3000 level Economics, including Advanced Microeconomics Honours: (ECOS3901 or ECON3901), Advanced Macroeconomics Honours: (ECOS3902 or ECON3902) and Applied Microeconomics Hon

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