Mathematical Methods of Econ Analysis (ECON6003)


This unit is an introduction to mathematical economics. It has three purposes. First, to introduce students to the mathematical concepts and methods that are central to modern economics. Second, to give a set of economic applications of the mathematical methods. Third, to develop the students' ability to formulate logical arguments with the degree of precision and rigour demanded in modern economics. The mathematical topics covered include introductory analysis and topology, convex analysis, linear algebra, calculus of functions of several variables, optimisation, and introduction to dynamic programming and dynamical systems. The particular economic applications presented may vary from year to year, but usually include demand theory, production theory, and growth theory.

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1x3hr seminar/week


Assignments equivalent to 1000wds(10%), 1x1.5hr Mid-semester test (30%), 1x2hr Final exam (60%),

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ECON5001 and ECON5002

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