Political Economy of the Environment (ECOP3015)


This unit of study examines how economic interactions with the environment are conceptualised, and the nature of environmental problems, their emergence and how they are 'managed' within capitalism. Different conceptions of the economic-environment relation are explored largely through the lectures which introduce theories of environmental economics, ecological economics and radical critiques of human interactions with ecological systems. Tutorials examine concrete economic-environment problems along with the public policies and business management practices implemented in response.

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1x2hr lecture/week, 1x1hr tutorial/week


1x1200wd Essay (25%), 2500wd Case study (45%), 1x800wd Group tutorial paper/presentation (20%), Tutorial participation (10%)

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(ECOP2011 or ECOP2012 or ECOP2612) and (ECOP2613 or ECOP2614 or ECOP2616 or ECOP2617 or ECOP2618 or ECOP2619 or ECOP2911)



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