Advanced Macroeconomics Honours (ECOS3902)


ECOS3902 Advanced Macroeconomics is a third year honours unit of study in macroeconomics. Its main objective is to develop a framework for thinking about macroeconomic questions. This unit is designed for the students enrolled in the Economics Honours stream. ECOS2901, ECOS2902, ECOS2903 and ECOS3901 are prerequisites and the corequisite is ECOS3903,or ECMT3110 plus one of ECMT2120, ECMT3120, ECMT3130, ECMT3160 or ECMT3170.

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1x2hr lecture/week, 1x1hr tutorial/fortnight


Mid-semester test (30%), Take-home assignments (10%) and 2hr Final exam (60%)

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Unit of study rules

Prerequisites and assumed knowledge

(ECOS2901 or ECON2901) and (ECOS2902 or ECON2902) and (ECOS2903 or ECON2903 or MATH2070) and (ECOS3901 or ECON3901)




ECOS3903 or ECOS3904 or (ECMT3110 and (ECMT2120 or ECMT3120 or ECMT3130 or ECMT3160 or ECMT3170))

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