Health and Wellness in Early Childhood (EDEC1002)


This unit prepares students to plan and operate healthy and safe early childhood education and care environments. Through workshops, readings and practical activities, theoretical underpinnings and applied knowledge about promoting the health of infants, toddlers and young children in early childhood settings are developed. The unit focuses on understanding the health needs of children, factors that promote good health, maintaining health records, planning for the nutritional needs of young children, dealing with health related emergencies in the early childhood setting, and supervising play activities for optimum safety. It also outlines ways of guiding young children's understandings of essential lifelong issues relating to health, safety, nutrition, and wellness, as well as working with families to assist in this process. Students will be encouraged to examine their own health and wellness behaviours and experiences, conceptions, and knowledge as a means to better understand the emerging health, safety, nutrition, and wellness conceptions of young children. Statutory documentation (for example, National Quality Framework, NSW Food Authority, and other mandatory child care/early education regulations) will be examined to help understand the importance of promoting health and safety, nutrition and appropriate food handling techniques. Students will learn about infectious diseases and minimising the possibility of infection, food allergies and chronic conditions which may impact the lives of children and families in early childhood settings.

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1x1-hr lecture/wk, 1x2-hr tutorial/workshop/wk, for 12 weeks


2000wd portfolio (30%) and tutorial presentation and 1500wd report (30%) and 2000wd essay (40%)

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12 credit points of units

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