Professional Experience EC 1 (EDEC2002)


This unit is the first of four professional experience units that provides opportunities for students to gain teaching experience in early childhood education and care settings. It will enable students to apply the theories and strategies covered in other units of study and allow them to reflect on the links between theory and practice. This, the first Professional Experience placement will consist of observation of practices and routines of the setting, and observations of young children (3-5 years) as they go about their daily activities. Based on their observations, students will prepare and present a range of experiences with individuals and small groups based on children's discerned strengths, interests and engagement with learning evidenced through these observations. Students will be encouraged to adopt play-based experiences and age appropriate teaching strategies drawn from contemporary curriculum models aimed at strengthening individual, as well as group learning, fostering creativity, healthy self-concepts, wellness, and a regard for others. This professional experience will enable students to gain an understanding of the world of early childhood education and care which will form the foundation for their subsequent professional experiences. This unit requires students to complete their First Aid; and Emergency Asthma and Anaphylaxis Management training. Note: Please be informed that this training incurs an extra cost. The Unit Coordinator does organise a group training session, however, you can organise your own training as long as the organisation of your choice is a Registered Training Organisation and the course code is the current one required by Australian Children's Education and Care Quality Authority (ACECQA). You need to ensure you do this before your first Professional Experience placement.

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1x3-hr workshop/wk for 11 wks, 1 lead-up visit, 15 day block placement in an early childhood education and care setting (3-5 yrs of age)


Assessment of skills (based on three guiding principles): Professional Knowledge, Professional Practice and Professional Engagement; the Professional Experience Folder; Attendance; and satisfactory completion of the professional practice; (overall pass/fail).

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Requires at least 72 credit points



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