Diversity and Indigenous Studies in EC (EDEC2003)


This unit of study explores the many and varied aspects of diversity evident amongst the Australian population, including a specific focus on the lives and wellbeing of Indigenous children, and the significance of diversity for early childhood education. Class, ethnicity, culture, disability, gender, religion, and other social categories have an impact upon infants', toddlers' and young children's development. For the creation of inclusive classrooms, early childhood teachers must have an understanding of the significance of the personal and social attributes that children bring to an early childhood setting. The establishment of positive engagement with children and families is essential in creating an inclusive environment and curriculum. This unit will explore current theories of diversity, social education and inclusion in the early childhood context. An investigation of the social and historical context of diversity in Australia provides a framework for the discussion and focuses on issues of disadvantage, family engagement, attitudes and the promotion of interagency collaboration. Throughout this unit of study, students will be encouraged to examine their own beliefs and values in the consideration of the issues above, as well as the ideas of others.

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1x1-hr lecture and 1x2-hr tutorial /wk, for 12 weeks


2500wd essay (40%) and 2000wd review of readings (30%) and 1500wd brochure/poster designed using digital technologies (20%) with accompanying presentation (10%)

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42 credit points including EDEC1001 and EDEC1002 and EDEC1003 and EDEC1004

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