Language Development in Early Childhood (EDEC2004)


This unit of study enables you to begin to develop understandings, knowledge and skills about the language development of young children. It will explore how young children begin to make meaning from the moment they are born as they learn to talk, listen and interact with those around them and the implications for early childhood teachers. Through lectures, workshops, readings, and other activities, you will examine the theoretical ideas and practical knowledge required to guide young children's learning of language and emerging literacy practices. You will learn how to listen carefully to young children's language so you can analyse their development intelligently. The unit also emphasises the centrality of providing rich language arts experiences including quality literary texts in early childhood settings. The intersections between play and language development are carefully explored. As pre-service early childhood teachers you will be encouraged to further develop your own interest in language and literature, and to reflect on how you can partner with parents and caregivers to help children learn through and about language.

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1x1-hr lecture/wk and 1x2-hr workshop/wk, for 12 weeks


2000wd (max) portfolio including seminar picture book presentation (50%) and 1500-2000wd transcript analysis (50%)


Ewing, R, Callow, J and Rushton, K (2016) Language and literacy development in early childhood. Melbourne: Cambridge University Press

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42 credit points including EDEC1001 and EDEC1002 and EDEC1003 and EDEC1004

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