Early Learning with Infants and Toddlers (EDEC3002)


This unit offers a critical overview of current theory and practice in the study of child development during the first two years of life. Infants and toddlers begin exploring their environment and making sense of their world from birth, constantly developing new skills over their first two years of life as they move from dependence to independence during that time. Early childhood teachers have a responsibility to ensure that the development of infants and toddlers takes place in a safe, secure and supported environment where they can become knowledgeable and confident, autonomous learners, able to interact purposefully and respectfully with others according to their age and stage of maturity. This unit supports preservice early childhood teachers┬┐ understanding of the unique developmental characteristics of infants from birth. It views infants and toddlers as capable and resourceful, pre-disposed to form relationships and ready and enthusiastic to learn.

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1x1-hr lecture/wk, 1x2-hr tutorial/wk, for 12 weeks


1500wd Group work presentation (30%) ; 2500wd essay (40%) and 2000wd exam (30%)


White, F., Hayes, B. & Livesey, D. (2015). Developmental Psychology: From Infancy to Adulthood. Sydney: Pearson Education.
Sims, M. & Hutchins, T. (2013). Program planning for infants and toddlers: In search of relationships (2nd ed.). Castle Hill: Pademelon Press.

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90 credit points including EDEC2002

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