Management and Administration in EC (EDEC3004)


This unit focuses on the professional organisation and management of dynamic early childhood education and services which are responsive to children's, families' and communities' need and which operate with good business and human resources. Specifically it outlines the management and leadership issues involved for both authorised supervisors and teaching staff in organising and sustaining early childhood services, and helps foster an awareness of the social and political context within which services are operating. The unit highlights the legal and other responsibilities of qualified early childhood educators and looks at the development of sustainable policies for maintaining safe and responsible early childhood centres. Early childhood educators must be competent leaders and advocates for change in the early childhood field and must be able to encourage team building, enthusiasm, good communication skills and harmonious work environments in addition to keeping up to date with mandatory management and governance practices and the mandatory responsibilities associated with these. Educators need to be able to work with other staff in services to develop shared philosophies and visions for early childhood through individualised, organisational contexts.

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1x1-hr tutorial/wk, 1x2-hr workshop/wk for 11 wks


2500wd policy review or administrative situational analysis (40%) and 2500wd essay or portfolio (40%) and group presentation with report (20%)

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90 credit points of units

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