Professional Experience EC 2 (EDEC3006)


This is the second of four Professional Experience units in the Bachelor of Education Early Childhood (birth-5 years). This unit focuses on the education and care of infants and toddlers in a dedicated classroom with children birth-2 years of age. It focuses on observing and documenting the development of infants and toddlers across all domains, and on the preparation of quality learning experiences and curriculum designed to meet the caregiving and learning outcomes for infants and toddlers in partnership with their families. Sensitivity to children's and families' unique cultural, linguistic, community and social characteristics will be considered and students will be expected to incorporate an understanding of these into their work with this age group. As students will have completed units on Play, as well as most curriculum units (e.g. Language Arts, Mathematics, Science and Creative Arts) they will be expected to demonstrate how the learning of infants and toddlers can be enhanced through play-based experiences in these areas. Students complete a 15 day Professional Experience placement, normally undertaken in a block (plus 1 day of lead-up visit) with children aged birth to 2 years in an early childhood setting. During this period they also undertake a number of administrative and leadership tasks linked to EDEC3004 Management and Administration in Early Childhood. Students will also undertake Child Protection training in accordance with the legislative requirements of the Children and Young Persons (Care and Protection) Act 1998 of NSW, Department of Education and Communities. Note: Please be informed that this training incurs an extra cost. The Unit Coordinator does organise a group training session, however, you can organise your own training as long as the organisation of your choice is a Registered Training Organisation and the course code is the current one required.

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1x1-hr lecture/wk for 11 wks, 1x2-hr tutorial/wk for 11 wks, 1-day lead-up visits, 15-day professional experience


Assessment of skills (based on three guiding principles): Professional Knowledge, Professional Practice and Professional Engagement; the Professional Experience Folder; Attendance; and satisfactory completion of the professional practice (60%); and 1000wd reflection report (40%); (overall pass/fail).

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120 credit points of units

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