Multiliteracies and Transitions (EDEC4004)


This unit of study focuses on the importance of supporting young children's developing understanding of a range of literacies in multiple modes in the years prior to school and in the transition phase between home and preschool/child care and school. Children bring understandings of multiliteracies (in languages other than English, literacy as social practice, visual literacies, film and music based literacies, community literacies and digital literacies) with them as they commence school and yet many of these go unrecognised and are often undervalued by both early childhood educators and primary school educators. In this unit students focus on multiliteracies and how they can extend young children's literacy understanding and growth. In particular they explore the impact of popular culture, critical literacy and digital technologies. For young children's optimal development, transitions between early childhood contexts and transitions to school should be as seamless as possible. Ways of supporting and fostering partnerships between families, early childhood services and schools through the transitions process will be highlighted.

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1x1-hr lecture/wk for 9 wks, 1x2-hr workshop/wk for 9 wks


group work with 1500wd report (25%) and 2500wd essay (40%) and 2000wd resource (35%)

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168 credit points including EDEC4001 and EDEC4002 and EDEC4003

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