Professional Leadership and Advocacy (EDEC4005)


The role of the professional in early childhood services is multifaceted and complex. In this unit students explore what it means to strong advocates for young children and their families. While organisational and management structures of early childhood services vary, early childhood professionals must generally be able to quickly assume responsibility for the overall education, care and general well-being of young children from diverse socio-cultural backgrounds, in addition to being responsive to families, supervising staff, and conforming to legislative requirements. Many become essentially managers of small businesses accountable for all management, financial and WH&S matters associated with the day to day running of an early childhood service. In an environment of increasing integration of essential services associated with young children and their families, they typically must also work with a range of ancillary services linked together in community hubs. Early childhood teachers must be leaders in their field, irrespective of the role they assume in a service. They must be socially and politically aware and ready to access and critique current philosophical and educational trends with confidence for the promotion of high quality programs for infants, toddlers and young children. Early childhood professionals must be strong advocates for the health, care, education and well-being of children, vocal proponents for the provision of highly qualified educators and effective lobbyists for both the profession and the quality and provision of services for children and their families.

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1x1-hr lecture/wk for 9 wks, 1x2-hr tutorial/wk for 9 wks


2500wd group work presentation (30%), 2000wd other (advocacy project) (35%), 1500wd open book test (35%)

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168 credit points including EDEC4001 and EDEC4002 and EDEC4003

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