Teachers and Learners:School Communities (EDMT5502)


'Teachers and Learners: School Communities' is the second unit in the Study 1 suite of compulsory MTeach units. This unit continues the exploration of the relationship between teaching and learning while taking a closer look at the relationship between students and teachers. Central to this is the support of student's social and learning behaviour. Maintaining the view of teaching as problematic, EDMT5502 recognises the complex relationships between students, teachers, pedagogy and student behaviour. Key theories of behaviour `management' will be explored, along with school policies and how specific pedagogies support and guide student behaviour. The unit is divided into two halves around the first professional experience. Following professional experience the focus will shift to analysing evidence of teaching, learning, student needs and professional learning to draw together the relationships between teaching and learning, and students and teachers. EDMT5502 continues the active, inquiry approach to learning, requiring pre-service teachers/counsellors to commit to the learning opportunities to direct their development as a teacher.

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2x2hr seminars/wk for 8 wks (wks 1-4 & 10-13), 6x1-hr group sessions (wks 1 (x2), 2, 4, 10, 12)


1500wd paper (30%), 2000 wd written analysis (40%), 1500 wd discussion paper (30%)

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12 credit points including EDMT5676 or EDMT5500

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