Early Childhood Professional Internship (EDMT6009)


This unit enables students to experience the professional work of early childhood teachers over a sustained period- 45 days, in a Birth-5 year old setting (or a preschool classroom). With the guidance of a Mentor Teacher  you will consolidate and apply your knowledge, skills and understandings around early childhood teaching and learning in an early childhood centre, explore the legal, social and ethical responsibilities associated with being a member of the Early Childhood profession, and consider your responsibility as educators in local, national and global early education teaching communities. You will assume teaching and related duties within an early childhood program with a teaching load equivalent to 60% of a normal weekly teaching load- normally spread over four days. The remaining time is spent planning, evaluating and documenting teaching, undertaking the professional learning research project, and participation in on-campus sessions in which you will reflect on your teaching and develop your research (see EDMT6010). During the internship you are expected to demonstrate consolidation of the Outcomes achieved in previous supervised Professional Experience units. You will prepare a Teaching Portfolio to document your teaching and professional learning. This should become the basis of a Professional Portfolio that tracks your teaching career.

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45-days professional practice and linked 2-day early childhood education conference and linked professional research workshops


satisfactory professional practice (60%) and 4000wd (approx) Teaching Portfolio (40%)

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72 credit points of units

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