Planning and Program Management for Coaches (EDPN5016)


Successful coaching requires good management and organisational skills. At the micro level, how effectively coaching sessions are planned and implemented will influence whether short-term goals and outcomes are achieved. However, to plan for optimum performance and overall development of athletes coaches must develop a program that is more than just a training and competition plan. They must consider the impact of a wide range of issues in developing, managing and monitoring the environment to guarantee desired outcomes. In this approach to coaching all aspects of the program will be fully integrated and sequenced. This unit will critically examine the processes, models, research findings and strategies relating to issues such as peak performance theory, good to great principles, strategic management, staff selection and recruitment, periodisation, concurrent training, goal setting and catering for different learning styles. The cases presented in this unit provide a contextual opportunity for planning at the macro and micro level to be developed, evaluated and discussed. At the completion of this unit it is hoped that coaches are more confident and knowledgeable in this content area, understand the vital link between theory and practice and value the need for them to be research informed coaches.

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intensive mode; semester 2 distance delivery fully online


learning journal (10%), team based learning tasks (40%) and developing a proposal (35%); presenting your proposal (15%)

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