Reflection and Practice in University T and L (EDPR5002)


This unit will offer you the opportunity to develop your understanding of the role and importance of reflection in university teaching and learning. An aim of the unit is to develop your ability to reflect on your own teaching practices in a scholarly way, and also to adapt your reflective skills in order to give useful and supportive feedback to peers on their teaching. Reflective practice is seen as a key to our continuing development as university teachers, and as an avenue for improving students' lelalrning experiences and outcomes. Through engaging with the scholarly literature and participating in a number of tasks (both individually and with your course colleagues), it is intended that you will develop ways in which to embed an ongoing reflective habit within your teaching practice work. This unit relates closely to the other first semester unit (EDPR5001) where you will explore the relationship between good teaching and student learning.

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1x3hr meeting fortnightly, 1-4 pm Fridays


2x1000wd project (2x25%) and 1x2000wd project (50%)

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