Scholarship of Uni Teaching and Learning (EDPR5011)


This unit is one of two, second semester units offered as part of a Graduate Certificate in Educational Studies (Higher Education) by the Faculty of Education & Social Work and taught by the Institute for Teaching and Learning (The other second semester unit is EDPR5003 University Teaching Portfolios.) This unit explores what is meant by the 'scholarship of teaching' and aims to further develop participants' ability to inquire into their own university teaching practice, plan improvements based on evidence, and to communicate the outcomes of such work in scholarly forums. The unit aims to encourage participants to further reflect on and improve their own teaching based on an understanding of the literature of the discipline of higher education as well as teaching scholarship and practice in participants' own disciplines. Participants will have the opportunity to explore a negotiated topic by undertaking a group inquiry project in university teaching and learning, identified and carried out with colleagues on the course. The process of inquiry is supported by seminars, mentoring and peer review.

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1x3hr meeting fortnightly, Fridays 1-4pm


1x1500wd group project proposal (30%); 1x500wd peer review and 1x3000wd group project report (60%)

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EDPR5001 and EDPR5002

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