Developing Integ eLearning Env Higher Ed (EDPR6012)


This unit of study investigates theoretical and practical issues related to integrated learning environments involving eLearning for higher education. Participants will have the chance to consider their own teaching approaches in relation to relational, constructivist, socially-based and problem-solving approaches to learning, especially as they relate to technology-supported learning activities. Drawing on recently published and established research into student-centred experiences of learning, participants will design, develop and evaluate integrated learning activities that are relevant to their own teaching and learning contexts. On completion of the unit, participants will be able to apply the knowledge and skills they have learned to new learning contexts for the benefit of their students and learning outcomes.

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1x2hr tutorial 10am-12noon Friday, weeks 1-5 and weeks 12-14, flexible delivery weeks 6-11


1x1500wd project report (35%); 1x2500wd integrated learning materials and oral presentation (30%); and 1x1500wd research and tutorial work (35%)


Ellis, R.A. & Goodyear, P. (2010). Students' experiences of e-learning in higher education. London:Routledge. Laurillard, D. (2002). Rethinking university teaching: A framework for the effective use of educational technology (2nd ed.). London:Routledge

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