Craft Knowledge and Prof Practices 2 (EDSE3072)


This unit of study builds on the knowledge, understandings, skills and attitudes explored and developed in Craft Knowledge and Professional Practice 1 and other Education subjects. This unit of study addresses issues and challenges facing schools in relation to access, equity and diversity and how these can be addressed through policy and practice. Through reflection students are able to examine and interpret their beliefs about students, teachers, learning, teaching, schools and knowledge. Craft knowledge and professional practice is developed and refined as students use their own knowledge and experiences in professional conversations with peers and lecturers to critically analyse their own practice in conjunction with theory and research.

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2x1-hr lectures/wk for 5 wks, 1x2-hr seminar/wk for 5 wks, 1x1-hr tutorial or fieldwork/wk for 5 wks


1000wd presentation (30%) and 1500wd lesson analysis (30%) and 1500wd report (40%)

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96 credit points of untis, including EDSE2001

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