Teaching Visual Arts 3A (EDSE4021)


This course aims to introduce art education issues, perspectives and skills development with a specific focus on the Stage 6 HSC program. Candidates will investigate the aims, objectives, outcomes, content, key terms and course requirements of the HSC requirements of the Visual Arts Stage 6 syllabus, in particular in relation to assessment of art making and art history/theory. This Unit introduces candidates to models of pedagogy for assisting Stage 6 students in examination preparation of the Body of Work and the associated Visual Arts Process Diary, as well as the written examination paper. This Unit also critically examines curriculum different models of art pedagogy (e.g.Montessori, Steiner, Dalton and the International Baccalaureate); visual art safety and risk management practices, budgeting, selecting, storing, maintaining and replacing materials, equipment and other art education resources, as well as the various national and international professional art teacher associations and the various professional development opportunities available in NSW. Candidates will further examine the current development of the Australian National Curriculum and the latest position of the arts, how they conceive their role as a Visual Arts teacher in schools and the wider community, and how they can contribute to achieve this goal.

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1x2-hr lecture/wk for 8 wks, 1x2-hr tutorial-seminar-workshop/wk for 8 wks


3000wd Visual Art Body of Work and VAPD (50%) and 3000wd essay (50%)

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Prerequisites and assumed knowledge

144 credit points including 72 credit points from Education including (EDSE3037 and EDSE3056)


EDSE4042, EDSE4043

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