Teaching Visual Arts 3B (EDSE4022)


This unit builds on the core unit EDSE4021 through a deeper exploration of the knowledge base underpinning the principles and practices of learning and teaching in the Visual Arts in Stage 6 course by investigating the aims, objectives, outcomes, content, key terms and course requirements of the Stage 6 Visual Arts and Content Endorsed syllabi. This unit further explores issues and perspectives of the HSC written examination through mapping and planning a Stage 6 program of learning. Additionally this unit considers the relationship between teachers and the wider community and further explores professional communities within and external to the school environment. In particular this unit facilitates candidates' experiences to contribute to these communities of practice and using their resources, knowledge and experiences to further enhance student learning in a school environment.

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1x1-hr lecture/wk for 8 wks, 1x1-hr tutorial-seminar-workshop/wk for 8 wks


1500wd Stage 6 Program of Learning (25%) and 2500wd Collaborative Research Project (45%) and 2000wd Visual Art Reflective Journal (30%)

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Prerequisites and assumed knowledge

144 credit points including 72 credit points from Education including (EDSE3037, EDSE3038, EDSE3056 and EDSE3057)


EDSE4021, EDSE4042 and EDSE4043

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