Responding to Diverse Needs in Schools (EDSE5013)


This unit aims to advance students' understanding and knowledge of responding to student diversity in secondary classrooms. This unit will extend students' knowledge of relevant legislation and policy with emphasis on policy related to disability, learning needs, welfare and behaviour support. It will also provide opportunities for in-depth engagement with areas of diversity including those of disability, learning needs, behaviour support, mental health and gifted and talented education. The unit aims to develop students' understanding of whole-school and classroom approaches to meeting diverse needs in the classroom, with models and examples specific to secondary schools. In addition the unit aims to provide multiple opportunities for students to engage with the curriculum and implement the principles of universal design and differentiation, including specific opportunities to work in their curriculum areas and during internship.

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1x2-hr tutorial/wk for 7 wks, 1x3-hr workshop/wk for 7 wks, 1x2-hr tutorial/wk for 7 wks, school visits, online activities


4000wd project with presentation (35%) and 2500wd situation analysis (20%) and 3000wd lesson planning (30%) and 2500wd online submissions (15%)

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210 credit points including EDUF3031

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