Teaching International English (EDSE5014)


The field of teaching English to speakers of other languages is an expanding one. Each year many students enrol in ELICOS centres and other institutions in Australia, as well as equivalent institutions overseas. The teaching of English is growing worldwide with ongoing expansion in Asian and Middle Eastern countries in teaching English in the primary and secondary schools and the tertiary sector. The goal of this unit is to provide pre-service teachers with the foundations of successful teaching of English as an additional language in international contexts and to international students in Australia. The unit will encourage students to make decisions about appropriate approaches to teaching and programming language and classroom strategies across a number of disciplines and contexts; it will develop their knowledge of the systems of English language; it will extend intercultural skills and understanding; it aims to give insight into current debates within the field and suggest directions for future thinking and planning.

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1 x 4-hr seminar/wk for 9 wks, 1x3-hr seminar/wk for 9 wks, 4-hrs classroom observation


micro-teaching (5%), language analysis (5%), 700wd (minimum) contributions to online discussion (10%), in-class preliminary reflective lesson observation report (5%), 900wd reflective lesson observation report (20%), 1000wd essay (25%), and portfolio of activities (30%)


Harmer, J. (2015). The Practice of English Language Teaching (with DVD) 5th Edition. Pearson Longman, UK.

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210 Credit points


EDGU2000 or EDGU3000 or EDGU4000

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