Aboriginal Studies 3rd Teaching Area (EDSE5015)


This unit of study will introduce preservice teachers to current theories and practices underpinning teaching and learning in Aboriginal Studies in Stages 4 & 5 and Stage 6. Particular emphasis will be placed on consultation, engagement and sharing with local Aboriginal communities by valuing their knowledges, experiences, and skills and extending this to national and international Indigenous community case studies. The course will focus on critical and culturally responsive pedagogical approaches to meet the diverse cognitive and affective needs of learners within a holistic framework that includes the local Aboriginal community. Class activities will be team-driven to build collaborative learning cultures that will support the needs and endeavours of early career teachers including commitment to lifelong learning and active citizenship informed by social justice and human rights values. Ethical research methodologies and use of ICT's will contribute to the ongoing development of preservice teachers as multi-skilled, adaptable and pro-active educators in the field of Aboriginal Studies and wider education community.

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8-hrs/wk for 9 wks


3600wd resource evaluation & eLearning task (30%), 3600wd unit of work (30%), 2400wd comparative case study (20%), 2400wd major project student guide (20%)

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Prerequisites and assumed knowledge

144 credit points including 72 credit points of Education and KOCR2600 and 6 senior credit points of Indigenous Australian Studies

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