Global Poverty and Education (EDUF3026)


This unit of study explores relationships between education, poverty and development in international contexts, particularly in what is increasingly referred to as the ?global South?. It acknowledges the importance of a broad-ranging view of international development, including its economic, political, and cultural dimensions. The unit examines key indicators related to poverty and education, and explores the educational implications of global social policies like the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We investigate the roles of multilateral, bilateral and non-state agencies in educational development to discuss the multiple actors in global development and the politics of aid. Using case studies of educational development processes in specific countries, we contextualise the key issues explored in the unit and provide students with an understanding of how international development reforms are experienced and contested at local, regional, and national levels. The unit is especially designed for those who have an interest in international and global dynamics, particularly those identified as ?developing? countries, and who may be teaching or writing about international development issues, or who may be interested in careers in international and development education, whether in Australia or overseas.

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1x1-hr lecture/wk for 9 wks, 1x1-hr tutorial/wk for 9 wks, 1x2 hour workshop for 9 wks


500wd Research review and tutorial participation (20%), 500wd essay plan (10%) and 2000wd major essay(20%),2000wd critical review of an education program (25%), Workshop group presentation with handout (25%)


McCowan, T. and E. Unterhalter (2014) Education and International Development: An Introduction, Bloomsbury (available as an ebook)

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42 credit points of units

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