Mentoring in Educational Contexts (EDUF3028)


Mentoring is a complex activity which juxtaposes support and challenge in both transitional situations and in on-going learning of both the mentee and the mentor. In schools, mentoring is a critical attribute of professional teaching practice. It is integral to leading the provision of quality classroom teaching and learning through the essential support for ongoing professional learning of preservice, beginning and more experienced teachers. Students who have a specialisation in a particular learning area of strategic importance, for example primary mathematics or science, will be well placed to mentor the ongoing professional learning of their colleagues.
This unit of study will examine dispositions and skills necessary for the mentoring of enriched pedagogical practices in schools. Students use a range of sociological theories and constructs and engage in intensive reading of research in order to develop a critical understanding of mentoring as professional practice and to devise a mentor program suitable for implementation in an educational setting related to their area of specialisation. Models of distributed leadership and collaboration play an important part in effective mentoring. For this reason the learning and teaching in this unit of study is facilitated through collaborative teams. These teams promote interdependence between members of the team. They also emphasise individual accountability as each student is required to develop the leadership qualities required to lead their peers toward critically engaging with learning about their practice.

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1x1-hr lecture/wk for 9wks, 1x2-hr seminar/wk for 9wks


2500wd group assignment (40%), 3000wd group presentation and written assignment (50%), 1000wd individual written reflection assignment (10%)

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42 credit points of units

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