Reading and Applying Educational Research (EDUF4044)


This unit of study is designed to provide you with the opportunity to practice and develop the skills associated with (a) making sense of and making use of educational research, including research carried out by academics, by practitioners, by think tanks, and by or at the behest of governments; and (b) engaging in classroom inquiry as a teacher. The aim of the unit is to help you efficiently and correctly to interpret, analyse, evaluate and synthesise research from a range of sources, and to assess its implications for practice. You will be encouraged to develop an appreciation of the broad range of research topics in education and their associated forms of systematic inquiry and to develop your capacity to make links between research, policy, teaching and learning. The unit will provide opportunities for you to become more familiar with the relationship between research and practice so that you can locate, critically analyse and use published material to investigate, understand and enrich your own practice and, in the future, exercise leadership in the encouragement of effective schooling more broadly. A series of expert lectures in the production and use of educational research will be complemented by workshops and assessments designed to encourage you to synthesise different kinds and sources of research-based knowledge about students, teachers, schools, classrooms and communities. In preparing an individual research proposal, you will draw upon the research literature to develop your topic and to select a form of inquiry that is suited to it.

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2x1-hr lectures/wk for 9 wks, 1x2-hr workshop/wk for 9 wks


Group presentation (20%; 1500 wd equivalent); Report (20%; 1500 wd); Classroom Inquiry Project Plan, including (a) Literature Review (30%; 1500 wd) and (b) Proposal (30%; 1500 wd)

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96 credit points of units, including (EDUF2006 and EDUF2007)

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