Reading and Designing Research (EDUF4044)


This unit of study is designed to introduce you to the field of research in education. You will develop an appreciation of the broad range of research topics in education and their associated forms of systematic inquiry. The unit will prepare you to read and interpret research, and to conduct small scale investigations in a range of contexts such as classrooms or schools, or within another setting in which learning opportunities are afforded. These settings might include online communication, outdoor education, excursions, coaching, tutoring, and informal learning associated with home and community contexts. The kinds of research questions considered might include pedagogy, curriculum, policy, and organizational issues, and might consider the perspectives of students, teachers, parents, policymakers and/or the broader community. In preparing an individual research proposal, you will draw upon the research literature to develop your topic and to select a form of inquiry that is suited to it.

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2x1-hr lectures/wk for 7 wks, 1x2-hr workshop/wk for 7 wks, 1x1-hr online activities/wk for 7 weeks


weekly critical reviews of core readings (40%) and research brief (30%) and online quiz (30%)

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96 credit points including (EDUF2006 and EDUF2007)

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