Professional Practice in PDHPE 1 (EDUH1005)


This unit of study is the first of five professional practice units that examines pedagogy, curriculum and teaching practices in K-12 Health and Physical Education (HPE). This unit of study will develop students' understanding of what it is to be a teacher within a specific K-6 context. The unit will examine the current NSW Board of Studies' requirements regarding K-6 PDHPE, as well as the emerging F-6 context of the Australian Curriculum in Health and Physical Education (HPE). Through an examination of the two syllabi, modules, support documents, and the AITSL Professional Teaching Standards, students will develop the necessary knowledge and skills to design and deliver appropriate teaching experiences for a specific stage of learners and provide evidence of acquired communication skills. The unit is linked to 16 days of professional experience in a primary school.

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1x1-hr lecture/wk for 12 wks, 1x1-hr tutorial/wk for 12 wks, 1x4-hr microteaching experience, 16 days teaching practicum experience (2 days dispersed and 14 days as a block)


microteaching reflection (pass/fail), lesson plan (pass/fail), professional experience portfolio (pass/fail) and professional experience practicum (pass/fail)

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