Indigenous Sport, Education and Culture (EDUH4053)


Indigenous Sport, Education and Culture will provide students with a socially critical perspective on indigenous people's participation in sport and education as dynamic aspects of society and the ways in which this positions them in Australian society. This unit of study examines the ways in which sport and education are tied into the reproduction of social, economic and health disadvantage for Indigenous Australians. While sport plays a part in the reproduction of disadvantage it is also a highly visible area in which indigenous people have excelled in Australia. This unit of study also examines the ways in which sport can be, and has been, used to address indigenous disadvantage in contemporary Australian society. These issues are studied within the context of the history of white Australia as viewed from the perspective of indigenous Australians. The unit of study provides students with first-hand experiences of indigenous culture and issues examined through the provision of field trips. Informed by lectures and unit readings, the field trips make an invaluable contribution to a learning journey over the semester. There will be extra costs incurred in the field trips for this unit.

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1x2-hr lecture/wk for 11 wks, field trip


25min presentation (25%) and 1500wd field trip report (25%) and reflective journal (50%)

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144 credit points including 90 credit points of Human Movement and Health Education Curriculum and Professional studies units

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