Science and Technology (K-6) 2 (EDUP4018)


Through an examination of the learning processes Working Scientifically, this unit focuses on developing children's interest and skills in appreciating the contribution science makes to their understanding of their world. In particular, it considers how the skills in working scientifically can be used to explore and address questions children have about the natural world, and through these inquiry processes support the development of their understanding of science concepts. Teaching of these learning processes is supported through exploration of the content strands Living Word, the Physical World, Earth and Space and the Chemical World. This unit considers aspects of curriculum planning, classroom management, development/selection of activities and resources relevant to the teaching of science and technology in the primary school classroom.

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1x1-hr lecture/wk for 4 wks, 1x2-hr seminar-workshop/wk for 9 wks


examination of syllabus (25%); unit plan (35%); resource folder (40%)

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138 credit points including EDUP3004 and EDUP3006 and EDUP3007 and EDUP3009 and EDUP3034

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