Electrical Engineering: Foundations (ELEC2004)


The Three block Structure of the course: 1. Introduction to Electric Circuits: current and voltage, power, Kirchhoff's Laws, sources and resistors, Ohm's Law, series and parallel connections, voltage and current dividers, equivalent circuits. Inductors and capacitors, RC circuits, RL circuits, introduction to RLC circuits. 2. Electric Power Systems: sinusoidal signals, effective (rms) value of sinusoids, power in ac circuits, transformer principles and ideal transformers, balanced 3-phase circuits. Electromechanical machine types, DC machines, introduction to ac and induction machines. 3. Basic Electronics: Op amp, inverting amplifier, noninverting amplifier, basic op-amp circuits. Digital signals and circuits, truth table and basic logic functions, Boolean function, digital circuit design and realisation. Introduction to Sequential digital systems.

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2 hour of lectures, 1 hour of tutorial, 1 hour of laboratory and 1 hour of E-Learning per week.


Through semester assessment (75%), Final Exam (25%)

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ELEC1102, ELEC1103, ELEC1001, ELEC2003, ELEC2001, ELEC1101

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