Bioelectronics (ELEC3803)


This unit will cover recent advances in bioelectronics circuits and systems including electronic medical devices, implanted devices, lab on a chip devices, biomedical signal processing and neuromorphic engineering. Regulatory aspects of bioelectronic system design will be addressed including the IEC standards and TGA approval processes. The unit will have a strong practical design focus with laboratories focused on dealing with real life bioelectronic signals and subject-device interfaces. Industry, clinical and research guest lecturers will introduce current topics and design needs.

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Lecture 2 hrs/week; LaboratoryTutorial 2 hrs/week.


Through semester assessment (40%) and Final Exam (60%)


Gaetano Gargiulo and Alistair McEwan/Advanced Biomedical Engineering/2011/ISBN 978-953-307-555-6// Gaetano Gargiulo and Alistair McEwan/Applied Biomedical Engineering/2011/ISBN 978-953-307-256-2// Jaakko Malmivuo and Robert Plonsey/Bioelectromagnetism Principles and Applications of Bioelectric and Biomagnetic Fields/1995/ISBN13: 9780195058239// Rahul Sarpeshkar/Ultra Low Power Bioelectronics Fundamentals, Biomedical Applications, and Bio-inspired Systems /2010/(ISBN-13: 9780521857277)//

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ELEC2104 OR ELEC2602.

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Familiarity with transistor operations, basic electrical circuits, embedded programming is required.

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